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the Loom team is always looking for talented developers to join our quest. If you're interested, drop us a line at


Here are some resources useful for AI developers.

Resources for AI Loom develoeprs

Coding Style Guidelines you need to follow if you are adding code to the project.
Project Page The aiLoom project page at SourceForge.
API doumentation The doxygen generated documentation for AI Loom
Other documentation All the documentation for AI Loom

Resources for all AI developers

gameAI Topics for developers of ai for games.
ai-depot A great site for everything AI, only one day can we hope for this website to be this good.
openAI openAI is a collection of ai tools
aboutAI is another great source for everything ai.

For inquiries, wishes or comments please contact
AI Loom is copyright (C) 2002 Josh Brown and Ben Scott - released under the LGPL.